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Three Things to Consider in Teacher Development

Professional development is encouraged among teachers. The demand for efficient, competent and capable teaching personnel is very high, and so training and workshops that are intended to accomplish the same among teachers are also advised. If you are a teacher today, you may have undergone a teacher development program or training and are planning to attend more, but the problems, do they work well for you? Please read on to the next few parts of this article in order to learn of the three things to consider in teacher professional development.

Three Things to Consider in Teacher Development


Training and workshops that are designed and conducted to improve professional teachers should be able to match to the needs of the very teachers. Workshops and training done without consideration to what the teacher needs can be perceived to be of less value. The educational background of the teacher must be considered in order for the training to be much specified as to their audience. In other words, training should be clearly defined as to what they are for and who exactly are the teachers that will be trained through it. This may also mean that training organizers should consider what skills are required by most teachers.


The setback of some of the teaching professional training and workshops is that they are usually meant to meet a lot of goals. First of all, they need to make sure that the training has a clear set of goals and that those goals are essential and relevant to teachers. This will provide value or no value to the training being conducted. Not only that, it is most essential for a training to be well suited to the capability of the trainees, which means that more objective than can be feasibly attained is not good and may even render the training itself as useless.


A good professional development training and workshop is one that can be measured in terms of effectiveness and which will also measure the same at the end of each training. When evaluated, a training can become more effective the next time it is conducted.

Competence and competency are the two things that should be present in teachers. Professionally developing teachers through professional development seminar and workshop is a key way to attaining goals from both ends. But then again, the seminar and workshop must be properly designed in order to be proper and suiting to the trainees. It is also important for teachers to know what type of training they need.

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